Dr. DeFeo’s Guide to Halloween


It’s almost Halloween! Costume stores are back, homes have pumpkins on porches and ghoules in their yards, and our day of candy indulgence is almost here. Everywhere you look, there’s  a “fun size” version of your favorite treats!

Well, to all the sweet tooth Halloween lovers here are some practical tips from Dr. DeFeo (who shares your love for all things sweet.)

  1. Sort the candy. After a fun night of trick-or-treating, separate the stash into two parts. Place the taffy, the caramels, the gummy bears, anything that is sticky, chewy or sour into one pile. Also put all hard candy such as lollipops into this pile.  All of the other candy goes into the second pile.
  2. Get rid of the first pile. Dental cavities have a proven cause-and-effect relationship with extended exposure to sugary or sour substances. Oral bacteria thrives in this environment and converts these substances to acid that can, in turn, lead to cavities.
  3. Watch your family’s consumption of these sweet treats during this season. “Grazing” on the candy all day will lead to prolonged exposure to sugars in the mouth so best to enjoy it at a designated time.  Another tip is to have one week of fun with the candy, and donate or remove the rest of the candy from your home.  Don’t let the candy linger in your home for months!
  4. Talk to your kids about oral health. This is a great time to reinforce the twice-a-day brushing and nightly flossing and fluoride rinse routine. Always remember, children will mostly do as they see. The most ideal scenario would be to brush after the consumption of candy. If that’s not possible, then encourage your child to eat the candy within a few minutes instead of snacking throughout the day, and then wash away some of the sugar by drinking a glass of water. And remember, Halloween is a great time to call us and schedule a dental appointment!



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